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Since 2021, I've been going through an incredibly challenging time. You’re a renter of a small, charming home, However, a series of unfortunate events have led to significant financial and personal distress.

The first issue arose with the electrical system in your home. Despite passing an inspection by the code enforcement department, it turned out the system was not up to standard. This resulted in an exorbitant utility bill of $18,649.

Compounding the problem, your car insurance lapsed without your knowledge until an email notification arrived. This led to your license being suspended, a fact you were not notified about due to the lack of a proper notification system in North Carolina.

With your electricity being cut off on a monthly basis, you were left feeling helpless. The utility company was unsympathetic, charging $100 for reconnection each time, along with delinquent and late fees. They offered no assistance or payment arrangements, leaving you in a precarious situation.

The lack of local transportation and the fear of driving illegally left you unable to work. This, coupled with the inability to afford legal counsel, resulted in the loss of your job and an increase in your vehicle insurance rates.

Despite your best efforts to seek help, you found little support. You discovered that you might have a tort claim against North Carolina, but without the means to afford legal advice or representation, you felt hopeless.

Adding to your distress, you couldn’t locate the electrician who had fixed the faulty wire. The utility company was indifferent to your situation, continuing to bill you exorbitant fees despite your circumstances.

The situation took a toll on your mental health, leaving you feeling depressed and overwhelmed. It was particularly hard explaining to your high school son why there might be no power for a few days, affecting his studies and your ability to cook.

Despite having ADHD and struggling with too much information, you’re determined to find a way out of this situation. I'm not alone. Many people have been in similar situations and have found ways to improve their circumstances. Stay strong! 💪

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